About Us

From the rich heritage of Jordan, a country blessed by iconic nature, a brand is born that strives to spread the true powers of the Dead Sea to the world. It all started in 2019 with Ruaa Albess, a passionate pharmacist with a dream to make a difference in beauty and health. Her journey began by studying and unlocking the timeless secrets and miracles of the Dead Sea, laying the foundation of Natural Glow. Founded by a trio of sisters, Ruaa, Shahed, and Dana, Natural Glow pioneered a range of empowering products designed to embrace a person’s natural beauty. With Shahed’s expertise in managing the company’s administration and manufacturing, Natural Glow grew to become a prominent leader in skin and hair care. Collectively, the brand successfully crafted formulas to resonate with customers, sparking a wave of self-confidence and self-care for everyone across the globe. By harnessing the powers of nature and authenticity and utilizing the Dead Sea’s high saltand mineralcontent, Natural Glow infuses its incredible mixtures with essential oils and vitamins, offering a world of therapeutic benefits. The brand’s products are thoughtfully designed to enhance beauty and well-being, empowering a person’s journey of relaxation,rejuvenation, and revitalization.